About The Author

There is a great deal of weight in words. Words play the biggest role in our Lives, though actions are nonetheless important. But it is Words, not Actions, which carry the mind away to incredible places.

My name is Dana Woods, and I am a Wielder of Words.
The genre I write is mostly Fantasy, but I do a great deal of non-fiction writing as well.

Recently, I have become serious about finishing a series I started over half my life ago, and it is currently in the final rewrite stage. The project is quite close to my heart, and after several bumps in the road, I have been able to create a complex story line and hope that the plot will continue to thicken as the story unfolds.
Several other stories are coming alive again in my mind, as I have taken back up the passion I have for writing, and I am eagerly interested to find out where these stories will take me.

I am becoming quite aware of the value of Words as I raise my children and take care of my home. We are fragile creatures and rely very much on those that are supposed to Love us, to speak that Love into our lives. Words, not actions, affirm the thoughts we believe about ourselves.

In the process of taking this opportunity to share with you all, I have since earned several other writing opportunities. It is quite amazing what happens when you give yourself over to the Fates you are destined for. I deeply hope to be able to impact you all with the gift I share with you as a writer.

Be blessed, today is a beautiful day!
Dana Woods

“Beware the words penned on a page, for who knows the peril one might fall into under the influence aroused by their own imagination.” -D. Woods

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Dana Woods first started posting Christian inspirational writings to WordPress as she entered into part-time Christian ministry. She currently lives in the beautiful frozen tundra of Wisconsin. In the busy times of motherhood, she enjoys getting to take a breath from time to time to sit and spill her imagination onto paper.

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