The Old Fool

The Lands of G'desh

With little left but his wits about him, Marcos Antonio flew through the streets with urgency. Causing several people to stumble or trip as he pushed through the busy streets, he made his way to the bell stand in the village square.
Ringing the bell viciously, he hailed loudly for attention.
Seeing the panic stricken madman didn’t bother too many people, as they were by now quite used to his lunatic ravings of monsters, disaster and approaching famines.
After about the eighth time nothing came of his prophecies, it was learned his dillusional fancy of foretelling came from nights where he would sit at a fireside inhaling potent weeds. Investigation of the plants proved they caused hallucinations, and from that point forward nobody listened to another word from poor Marcos again.
But today was different, neither weed nor drink had brought about the horrific images Marcos had seen in his…

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Hi, I’m Dana.

The Lands of G'desh

Today, on such a melancholic Wednesday in the wintry north, I am going to take the time to introduce myself.

A faintly rising star in the midst of a Universe of Authors, I write High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy in general, and dabble a bit in other things.  My favorite era is 1800 England, and – as Paul likes to tease – Jane Austen holds a great deal of sway on my writing style.  The ethics, the literature, the English (though wordy, indeed), the romance, the wit… the 1800’s has an elegance about it that draws me.

Paul and I met through a Facebook writing group, I asked if someone would read my books for me – to properly mesh them in the rewrite – and we continued talking ever after.  Eventually, he asked if I would join his team of collaborative writers, and several months later, I became his…

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How To Protect Your Blog, by Hugh Roberts

Forest Garden



Hugh Roberts is a true blogging friend.  Not only an extremely generous and warm-hearted soul, Hugh is exceptionally clever about the nuts and bolts side of blogging.  When I discovered my posts plagiarized by an Aussie web site a few weeks ago, Hugh immediately offered support, a healthy dose of shared outrage, and then some very practical advice.

Loyal readers and I had a number of good conversations after that episode through the comments, emails, and even some phone calls.  It heightened our awareness of how vulnerable our work remains when published online.  That is when I invited Hugh to write a guest blog for Forest Garden, giving solid technical support to help all of us with things like watermarks,widgets, disclaimers, and copyrights.  February 20, 2015 hearts 004

Hugh has come through in fine style, and I hope you will enjoy his guest blog post today:


How To Protect Your Blog


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Case Of The Monday’s

The Lands of G'desh

It’s Monday again.  This regular occurring day of the week, after a weekend that didn’t let you catch up like you had wanted to, makes people everywhere irritable.

So, here’s what you’re going to do:
Your protagonist wakes up after having a couple of days off, and is thrown back into the mundane.  And today, in particular, he/she hates it.  Really put them in a particularly bad mood.

I hope you’re having a better day than they are!  And if not, use the exercise to vent your frustrations.

Post a link to us in the comments!

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Prompt XIV

The Lands of G'desh

The super bowl came and went, and only a handful of people are excited about their teams win, while the rest of the nation continues to mourn their teams’ losses.

Your character has been looking forward to something for a really long time, (it could be a tournament, a once in a life time concert, or show, a trip around the world…..) really engage in the anticipation. The day comes and they enjoy the event- but now they have nothing to look forward to anymore.
What are they going to do now that everything they looked forward to is over?

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Take A Walk

The Lands of G'desh

This past week, I (Dana) spent several hours-in three different painstakingly long sessions-finishing up the final edits of a short story being submitted into an upcoming anthology.

Wednesday came and went, and being the first one on the new posting schedule, I completely forgot on Wednesday.  Though, that’s no so terrible, we had a huge winter storm waiting on the edge of the state.  Going out to buy a few things to tide over until the weekend was helpful.

Sitting at my laptop, on a sunny, frigid, Friday morning, I’ve decided to write about inspiration.

My greatest inspiration for writing is nature.
The simplest things one can reap from the world around them, has created Fantasy and Mythos since the dawn of man.

From dune-people who hide in the sand of the deserts, to sirens in the water who lure people to their death.
From enchanted pools of healing water…

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Prompt XIII

The Lands of G'desh

It’s Monday, and despite the weather recently, it’s supposed to be quite nice today.

Your Prompt – Your characters are trapped at a tavern, and a blizzard is coming in.  What are they going to do to wait it out?
The blizzard lasts a day and a half, but when it’s over, everyone has to work together to get out of there.  Does everyone handle it well?

Happy writing!

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