Sunshine Blogger Award!

I was recently nominated by a writer friend of mine to answer 11 questions in the Sunshine Blogger Award.  D. James Fortescue was one of six authors in a collaboration project I joined in 2014.  It was a great deal of fun working with him, and after the team had gone our seperate ways, it was quite exciting to see his name pop up in my notifications with this nomination.


The rules are:

  • Link back to the person who tagged you. TICK
  • Answer all 11 of their questions.  See below.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 1000 readers and let them know you’ve nominated them.
  • Ask them 11 questions.

Linking 11 bloggers.  Hm.  That’s the hard part.  Finding people who would do it.

I nominate:

  1. Travis Martin
  2. Beth Hammond
  3. Lilian Oake
  4. Carl Baumann
  5. Kasey Hill
  6. JC Boyd
  7. Laurie Wetzel
  8. Robert Cano
  9. Steve Rose
  10. Alvin Foeng
  11. Devani


My questions are:

1. When you think about your goals, how are your pursuing them?
2. What kind of things do you use to help get the mood going for your projects?
3. If you’re listening to a Pandora station, and a song comes on that you don’t like, do you stop your writing and change the song, or do you listen to it through and keep writing anyway?
4. How do weather patterns play into your stories?  Does the weather affect your characters?
5. If you had the opportunity to go absolutely anywhere for inspiration, where would it be?
6. What role do politics play in your stories?
7. Are you afraid to write about certain topics based on how others might view them?
8. As a BLOGGER, what do you blog about?
9. How do you feel your blogs are making an impact on your skills as a writer, or your exposure in general?
10.  Do you like chocolate cake or white cake?
11. If you had the option to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


My answers to D. James’ questions:

  1. As you are all awesome authors, what stories of yours are currently available for people to procure? (provide links)
    I am currently published in Den of Thieves, a Den of Quills Anthology
    My story is called “The Precious Jewel”.  It’s the first short story I have available, while I continue to work on my High Fantasy words.
    I also wrote a 100 word drabble for a Halloween themed drabble Anthology ((I also did the cover))
  2. What exciting things are going in your portion of the planet?  On my portion.  Well, we’re currently holding primary elections for President.  It is at this point in time that I have decided we should have started America as a monarchy, because then no one would be complaining about the idiots running for President.
    My son and daughter are growing like weeds, I’m extremely excited to have both of them.  On Sunday we’re taking them to A Day Out With Thomas to ride a very special blue engine from the magical Island of Sodor.
  3. Do you prefer your fermented beverages grain- or grape-based?  Grape and berry.  I enjoy a good blackberry merlot from time to time.  I also like coconut based– Rum is pretty good stuff.
  4. What currently unavailable works are you working upon?  The Tambine of Eldegras, and the first book that has yet to be named.  I’m also writing a book for my branch of the wonderful universe of Volden.
  5. Who’s your sports team of choice?  I’m partial to the Green Bay Packers.
  6. Dream holiday location?  Ireland.  I love Alaska’s inside passage and would cruise that stretch every year if I could afford it, but my dream trip would be to see Ireland.
  7. Your feelings on the current status of the USA Presidential Nominations?  I hate everyone on the ticket, and think We The People should overthrow the candidates and set up a new panel of candidates to vote for.  But considering everyone in America is so darn compliant, that won’t happen.
  8. If you could start your own religion, who/what would be its figurehead?  That’s an odd question.  I don’t really want to start a new religion.
  9. Favourite style of house?  Mansions.  Lots of them.
  10. Greatest source of strength and inspiration?  Lord Of The Rings.
  11. I couldn’t figure it out. What DID The Fox say? 



Thank you for the tag and the opportunity to answer your questions.  I look forward to reading everyone elses answers!

Happy Spring!

Dry Wells

I don’t feel like a writer lately.

I don’t even feel like a “Christian” lately.

My motivation feels as though it fell into the black hole in the sea.


Right there.  Swallowing all of me whole.

Life with littles has taken me over, and I attend the needs of children all day long.  Losing focus on the things I love, and the things I very much need to do.

I’m not crazy brilliant, with unending knowledge to tell you how to write. I don’t have tips and tricks, I simply write when the story is alive in my brain-watching it play like a movie. And when the scene closes, I stop writing.

The desire to write is a roller coaster affair. The swells and urges come and go, and you ride them one hill at a time. Each crescendo feels more exciting than the last– until you hit the low points. And my god, are they low.

Doubt, self-loathing, “why would anyone want to read me anyway? I’m a fraud.”
Driving us to drink, because we aren’t committed to the pen as William Shakespear might have been. Brilliance one poetic play at a time! Surely that man had it together.

It’s really pretty black and white.
You write? You’re a writer.
You’re published? You’re an author.

You. Are. Real. No matter if you’re in a mountain of a block, or an ant hill. The words will always be locked in your heart, you were destined to think them. The urge will always be in your mind. You were destined to hear them.
If the words can’t hit the paper, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you.
It means you need a break. And not from writing-you’re already on a break from writing. ((Blocked, break, same thing….))
Life is just as much a roller coaster of swells and crescendos.
If your writing causes you to miss out on the precious, fleeting moments Life offers-you’re writing for the wrong reason.
Step out into Awareness. Feel life. Enjoy it. Watch your kids grow. Watch your nephews and nieces grow. Love your family. Live in Today.
Tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own.

Jesus Christ said “Do not worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow will worry about itself.”
Hinduism, Buddism, Christianity and Judaism, all of us can agree to be Ever Present in Today.

Take little steps at a time, and before you know it, you’ll end up at the otherside of the room.

……I don’t even remember how this blog started or where I was going with it.
In the end, I’m glad it presented a simple message. Today is worth living for.

Earlier I said to my husband, “No time like the past to regret the present.”
It was a tongue in cheek joke at the time, but now I see how profound it was.

Good talk. Perhaps one of these days I’ll have more insight.

I’m sure most of you have forgotten I exist, and thanks to my second child and lapse in The Ranger of Severum, I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t even interested in the next episode either.
It’s going to be good…. when it gets off it’s feet.
Meanwhile in Eldegras, I am muddling through the first draft at a very slow pace. Paul gave me deadlines to help work towards publishing. I’m aiming for them but life has been RIDICULOUS. I hope April is slower. I’m tired of turning around to find the month is over and I have nothing to show for it.

How about you? How are you doing?
Are you reading my blog?
Is there anything I should do different?
Leave me a comment. Chat with me. I’d like to get to know my readers 🙂

The HoT Con

This weekend I went to the Heart of Texas Comic Con.  It was interesting and exciting.  And a little bit boring, considering I was alone.  By myself.  This put me out of my comfort-zone as I had to talk to people and engage on my own.


Some of the people I engaged were from the Emerald Keep.


They were a fun bunch of people who keep the Medieval traditions alive through craftmanship, and live action role play.  Although they do not participate in the Reniessance festivals, they DO have their own Kingdoms they participate in through the SCA.

Others I met was one of the singing Pirates who regularly perform at Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie TX.  I am looking VERY much forward to seeing them again at the festival.  ((They’re going to be by the Mermaids.))




If you haven’t figured out who my character is, I went as Sadness from Inside Out.  Cosplaying as Sadness was a LOT of fun.  I overheard people left and right, “Awww, she’s Sadness”, “Oh, I just figured out what the ball is for”.  I also had people take pictures with me, and I got several hugs.  It was awesome.



…..yes.  My hair is a different shade in this photo, than it was at the Con.



I had intened all along to go to HoT Con on Friday, March 11th.



But instead…… this happened.  And CLEARLY I couldn’t let this continue.

I used a Splat Ombre kit.  It was supposed to be Blue Envy, and in the middle along the back, a gorgeous Lusty Lavender.

I bleached it, washed it like the instructions told me to, and then colored within the same two hours.
Pretty?  Yes.  Spotty and NOT what I was looking for?  Also Yes.

Something simply HAD to be done.



This was not all that happened that night.  On Friday I showed up at the Con with an hour left to hang out, to find I left my wallet at home.  I went to the window and asked if there was anything she could do to offer a discount, since I would have to drive home and back, leaving only half an hour to explore the event.
It took fifteen minutes to get home, and then gaslight came on.  Well, I wasn’t going to make it on Friday night.  I literally was Sadness.  My hair had been a disaster, and then I didn’t make it.
After I arrived at the store to pick up comfort food, it poured down rain for ten minutes, leaving me in the car afraid of getting blue spots all over my brand new gray sweater. ((My hair streamed in a beautiful shade of aqua blue every time water hit it.  I washed it a grand total of three times in less than 36 hours.))

The next day, ((Saturday)) I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and asked the clerk if I could fix it.
Thank God I could.


Sunday morning came and…..

((Atomic Turqouis is the color.  It’s Vegan, easy to apply, and gorgeous.  My hair doesn’t feel damaged after applying it either!))



Yay!  It worked!  Off to the Con I went, my Sadness costume now being complete.


So anyway, back to the people I met.  I went to talk to the authors first.  The first one I met? …Pretty sure I left a terrible impression.

When meeting authors, you want them to talk about their books. You engage them with interest, even if you’re not interested in their genre.  It was my first time to do something like this, with literally no idea what I was attempting.

Oh my gosh!  Real words!  I had to use real words.  Facebook is where I hang out with authors.  We type, post pictures and videos, none of us having to use real words to strike conversations.  But then again, we also all know each other after a couple years of investing in relationships.

So, I feel it’s going pretty badly and try to gracefully, however terribly, most horribly awkwardly, end the conversation to walk away.  That failed.  Utterly, completely.  Failed.

Hoping to make a better go of it, I went to another author.  She and I actually ended up having a great conversation.  Her books were not in my genre of interest either, but I took her business card, and she gave me links to find local writing groups.  Yay!

Other authors I met were the creators of My First Fandom board books.  They were a fun family who create board books together.  I can’t wait to buy them as soon as I have the opportunity.

I also met an artist who creates comic books featuring his dog Tugg, who is a rescue dog.  Tugg was drawn up as several various heroes on handmade trading cards!
Procedes from the purchase of his comic books go to saving other rescue dogs.  Pretty awesome cause if you ask me.

One of my favorite vendors was a father who makes his own lightsabers, because one day his girls decided they wanted one.  Instead of going out and buying plastic sabers, he MADE them their own.

My favorite people I met that day was one of the singing pirates who will be performing at the Scarborough, one of the art vendors – who I learned works at Neiman Marcus though he does not like his job, and the guys from The Game Closet.


All of this enthusiasm I’ve built up in my head today has given great excitement for the next event.  Cannot wait for it to come my way.
Until then, I prepare a costume, and my very own song, to be a Siren for Scarborough Fair.