One In A Billion

Look at us.

We’re all trying to stand out and be noticed.

You, with your talents.  Me with mine.

Each of us on a journey to be heard.  Listened to.  To burn brightly after igniting a spark of interest.

We’re all striking the same matches:

Waiting to be validated by a consuming public, who cannot quench their thirst against the raging flames of entertainment.

So we pound away at the keys, telling the stories our vivid imaginations create for us, and we write the articles our fierce opinions derive, and we share the inspiration our souls have encountered.

And then we wait to be noticed by the general public.

Days.  Weeks.  Months.  Years.

Others who have gone before us and somehow managed to be a hit, surely we can too?

Slowly, our motivation turns to ash.  The embers of longing to share, die.

We wonder why we put so much heart and soul into our work, for it to fall by the wayside.

So few acknowledge our existence, even after the hours we put into our work.  We wonder how people go viral, and what on earth they’re doing different than us.
Do they have different friends?
Do they have different connections?
Do they have different methods for gaining access to the millions of people we wish were our audience, too?

…..The answer is, we’re not all pursuing the same audience.

While each of us wish to be accepted for who we are, and what we bring to the literary world, we’re still different.

We have different pursuits.

We have different goals.

We have different messages we want to send.

We tell different stories.
Somewhere along the way, writers begin to join in a uniformity, the answer must be in writing the same way?
“You must write this way/you must write that way.”
“I don’t like to do this, you probably shouldn’t either.”
“Nobody writes like that anymore.”
“I wouldn’t read it, but I guess someone else might….”

Validating ourselves against others, instead of remaining true to ourselves.

The odds feel stacked against us when our words only reach a few people sprinkled throughout the world.

Don’t stop trying, despite the odds.

Yes.  You are one in a billion.

You don’t need a million followers, you simply need to be true to yourself.

Tell your story.  And then believe your story is worth being read, and pursue the audience you long for.

Writing Tips

Everyone wonders how to become a better writer.

A faster writer.

A deeper writer.

Able to work against deadlines.

I do not possess the answers to these questions, looking for them myself.

BUT I do happen to have a few ideas to help you become a faster writer.

1. Type Songs As They Play

When I was learning to type, and trying to reach at least 80WPM, I started typing to lyrics.  Yes, song lyrics.

Not only did this help speed up my dictatorial typing skills, it also helped me learn to type as I thought.

2. Challenge Other Writer Friends

I have a serious competitive nature.  When a friend of mine started challenging the rest of us to 500 word races, I started to learn how to write things quickly, and put them directly from my imagination onto the page.  I can produce 500 words in 15 minutes.  Once, during a 5 minute race, I produced 211 words.  Legible, and workable words.

3. Write To Get It Right The First Time

Everyone of us will produce more than one draft.  That’s just going to happen.  But, if we write in such a way that we are determined to publish the first draft, we’re going to write it to the best of our ability.  Always remember that you’re going to edit and rework scenes along the way anyway.

The only problem with getting it right the first time, would be those personalities that will edit the first chapter, over and over, and never finish the rest of the book.  If this is you, JUST FINISH THE BOOK.  Then you can work on it.  Get your idea out, and the rest will follow.  Writing it is the first step, so for heaven sake, don’t stop for anything.  Just write it.  Even the greatest of authors struggle with their first draft.  The books on the shelves aren’t Great until they’ve passed through the hands of editors.

So get off of WordPress, and go finish that project you started.  The world needs your book, now write it.