Illusion Of Control

Moments ticking ebb away
Words falter, afraid to stay
Slipping past all time or reason
Broken heart, confusing treason
Anchored by what is illusion
Feeling this was an intrusion
Speculate the emotional state
By which we now separate
A rift it grows canyon wide
on either cliff we stake our side
The grip I bore on your heart
By windy gale now ripped apart
And I so vigilant to behold
How easily you could have sold
Buying in to fear and doubting
Drowned by how gaily sounding
The banshee wail, now strong to sing
How we fail in this floundering
But I, yet I thought we Two
Whole, Loved, just me, just you
Alas how wrong my thoughts confound me
When this turn abhorrent, astounding
Shakes me to my frail core
We are not so strong to form
Bonds of eternity for communion
Again I peer to this illusion
Control, control, or say it now
I was merely played, and yet how
Was I blind to your advances
Risking all in flighty chances
Here you lie in ruin, despair
In your eyes, a glassy stare
Comfort, I find now there
Naked, your soul lays bare
And now my time has come
To turn with a solid sum
Done, done am I with your tricks
The tumbling ruins, this house of bricks
Home no longer, I set out alone
To all irrational design to roam
And leave you wondering how I stole
All illusions that you had control