Having hair the colors of the Sky


My costumed dye job is coming to an end as the blue is fading away.

Having turquois hair taught me several things.

1) Colored hair is actually quite socially acceptable, when done well

People who color their hair are generally looked at differently.  The genre of people who color their hair in vibrant shades are generally making a statement.  I was inspired by Lyndsey Sterling in her Christmas music video from 2015.  A gorgeous teal shade, well blended with purple and blue.
Lighter hues of color instead of primary shades also work out better for you.

2) Your attitude and how you carry yourself matters

I’m a classy sort of person who prefers to look nice when throwing clothes together.  If my hair isn’t looking so great, I wear crotched caps.  I do need more colored caps, but I have a white one, a designer black one, and a plain black one.  These look especially great with t-shirts.

If you have a polite, well mannered attitude with charism, more people are drawn to compliment you.

3) Guys really liked it

I looked like an anime character, yes.  But guys everywhere seemed to adore the blue hair.  I was complimented left and right.  Guys in business suits, guys from cars in parking lots, older guys passing in the store.  The blue hair was a definite win.

4) Women roll their eyes

A great deal of women visibly disapproved.  Oh well.  Their loss.

5) Your wardrobe becomes super limited

I have muted colors in my wardrobe.  A lot of black, and gray, but darker greens and burgandy too.  Not all of these wanted to blend with the blue.  I looked clownish in some things, it was terrible.  If I wore one of my hats or a neutral headband it wasn’t so bad.

Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat.  Thanks to Manic Panic vegan colors at Sally’s Beauty, I will definitely be trying it out again.

Static Electricty

An Ode to Static Electricity
((Sung in a punk rock style))

Dear static electricity
Please let go of me
I wasn’t in the vicinity
But you stuck plastic on my hand

And now I’m wondering
Why you’re hooked on me
I’m like a submarine
With a healthy fear of land

Shockingly I run into you, sets my hair on end
I don’t have a need for the negativity you send
Get over yourself, my dear, you wont phase my heart
I’ll be leaving when I can finally pull my clothes apart

I can’t appreciate this shocking force
You’re grabbing for me from the floor
I’m positive we need a divorce
It’s so dry, it’s too worn, you don’t understand

The lightning strike was just too much
Is there anything you wont touch?
Someone get me some glass
I wont allow you to conduct a spark
You’re attacking me alone in the dark
Eventually this too shall pass


And now I’ve charged my heart to someone else
I’m positive you’ll get over it before too long
Honestly I never felt the spark kindle for myself
Maybe if you didn’t conduct yourself so wrong
I might have chosen to let you light up my heart
Frankly some days I miss your spark