Having hair the colors of the Sky


My costumed dye job is coming to an end as the blue is fading away.

Having turquois hair taught me several things.

1) Colored hair is actually quite socially acceptable, when done well

People who color their hair are generally looked at differently.  The genre of people who color their hair in vibrant shades are generally making a statement.  I was inspired by Lyndsey Sterling in her Christmas music video from 2015.  A gorgeous teal shade, well blended with purple and blue.
Lighter hues of color instead of primary shades also work out better for you.

2) Your attitude and how you carry yourself matters

I’m a classy sort of person who prefers to look nice when throwing clothes together.  If my hair isn’t looking so great, I wear crotched caps.  I do need more colored caps, but I have a white one, a designer black one, and a plain black one.  These look especially great with t-shirts.

If you have a polite, well mannered attitude with charism, more people are drawn to compliment you.

3) Guys really liked it

I looked like an anime character, yes.  But guys everywhere seemed to adore the blue hair.  I was complimented left and right.  Guys in business suits, guys from cars in parking lots, older guys passing in the store.  The blue hair was a definite win.

4) Women roll their eyes

A great deal of women visibly disapproved.  Oh well.  Their loss.

5) Your wardrobe becomes super limited

I have muted colors in my wardrobe.  A lot of black, and gray, but darker greens and burgandy too.  Not all of these wanted to blend with the blue.  I looked clownish in some things, it was terrible.  If I wore one of my hats or a neutral headband it wasn’t so bad.

Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat.  Thanks to Manic Panic vegan colors at Sally’s Beauty, I will definitely be trying it out again.

The HoT Con

This weekend I went to the Heart of Texas Comic Con.  It was interesting and exciting.  And a little bit boring, considering I was alone.  By myself.  This put me out of my comfort-zone as I had to talk to people and engage on my own.


Some of the people I engaged were from the Emerald Keep.


They were a fun bunch of people who keep the Medieval traditions alive through craftmanship, and live action role play.  Although they do not participate in the Reniessance festivals, they DO have their own Kingdoms they participate in through the SCA.

Others I met was one of the singing Pirates who regularly perform at Scarborough Fair in Waxahachie TX.  I am looking VERY much forward to seeing them again at the festival.  ((They’re going to be by the Mermaids.))




If you haven’t figured out who my character is, I went as Sadness from Inside Out.  Cosplaying as Sadness was a LOT of fun.  I overheard people left and right, “Awww, she’s Sadness”, “Oh, I just figured out what the ball is for”.  I also had people take pictures with me, and I got several hugs.  It was awesome.



…..yes.  My hair is a different shade in this photo, than it was at the Con.



I had intened all along to go to HoT Con on Friday, March 11th.



But instead…… this happened.  And CLEARLY I couldn’t let this continue.

I used a Splat Ombre kit.  It was supposed to be Blue Envy, and in the middle along the back, a gorgeous Lusty Lavender.

I bleached it, washed it like the instructions told me to, and then colored within the same two hours.
Pretty?  Yes.  Spotty and NOT what I was looking for?  Also Yes.

Something simply HAD to be done.



This was not all that happened that night.  On Friday I showed up at the Con with an hour left to hang out, to find I left my wallet at home.  I went to the window and asked if there was anything she could do to offer a discount, since I would have to drive home and back, leaving only half an hour to explore the event.
It took fifteen minutes to get home, and then gaslight came on.  Well, I wasn’t going to make it on Friday night.  I literally was Sadness.  My hair had been a disaster, and then I didn’t make it.
After I arrived at the store to pick up comfort food, it poured down rain for ten minutes, leaving me in the car afraid of getting blue spots all over my brand new gray sweater. ((My hair streamed in a beautiful shade of aqua blue every time water hit it.  I washed it a grand total of three times in less than 36 hours.))

The next day, ((Saturday)) I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and asked the clerk if I could fix it.
Thank God I could.


Sunday morning came and…..

((Atomic Turqouis is the color.  It’s Vegan, easy to apply, and gorgeous.  My hair doesn’t feel damaged after applying it either!))



Yay!  It worked!  Off to the Con I went, my Sadness costume now being complete.


So anyway, back to the people I met.  I went to talk to the authors first.  The first one I met? …Pretty sure I left a terrible impression.

When meeting authors, you want them to talk about their books. You engage them with interest, even if you’re not interested in their genre.  It was my first time to do something like this, with literally no idea what I was attempting.

Oh my gosh!  Real words!  I had to use real words.  Facebook is where I hang out with authors.  We type, post pictures and videos, none of us having to use real words to strike conversations.  But then again, we also all know each other after a couple years of investing in relationships.

So, I feel it’s going pretty badly and try to gracefully, however terribly, most horribly awkwardly, end the conversation to walk away.  That failed.  Utterly, completely.  Failed.

Hoping to make a better go of it, I went to another author.  She and I actually ended up having a great conversation.  Her books were not in my genre of interest either, but I took her business card, and she gave me links to find local writing groups.  Yay!

Other authors I met were the creators of My First Fandom board books.  They were a fun family who create board books together.  I can’t wait to buy them as soon as I have the opportunity.

I also met an artist who creates comic books featuring his dog Tugg, who is a rescue dog.  Tugg was drawn up as several various heroes on handmade trading cards!
Procedes from the purchase of his comic books go to saving other rescue dogs.  Pretty awesome cause if you ask me.

One of my favorite vendors was a father who makes his own lightsabers, because one day his girls decided they wanted one.  Instead of going out and buying plastic sabers, he MADE them their own.

My favorite people I met that day was one of the singing pirates who will be performing at the Scarborough, one of the art vendors – who I learned works at Neiman Marcus though he does not like his job, and the guys from The Game Closet.


All of this enthusiasm I’ve built up in my head today has given great excitement for the next event.  Cannot wait for it to come my way.
Until then, I prepare a costume, and my very own song, to be a Siren for Scarborough Fair.