Writing Tips

Everyone wonders how to become a better writer.

A faster writer.

A deeper writer.

Able to work against deadlines.

I do not possess the answers to these questions, looking for them myself.

BUT I do happen to have a few ideas to help you become a faster writer.

1. Type Songs As They Play

When I was learning to type, and trying to reach at least 80WPM, I started typing to lyrics.  Yes, song lyrics.

Not only did this help speed up my dictatorial typing skills, it also helped me learn to type as I thought.

2. Challenge Other Writer Friends

I have a serious competitive nature.  When a friend of mine started challenging the rest of us to 500 word races, I started to learn how to write things quickly, and put them directly from my imagination onto the page.  I can produce 500 words in 15 minutes.  Once, during a 5 minute race, I produced 211 words.  Legible, and workable words.

3. Write To Get It Right The First Time

Everyone of us will produce more than one draft.  That’s just going to happen.  But, if we write in such a way that we are determined to publish the first draft, we’re going to write it to the best of our ability.  Always remember that you’re going to edit and rework scenes along the way anyway.

The only problem with getting it right the first time, would be those personalities that will edit the first chapter, over and over, and never finish the rest of the book.  If this is you, JUST FINISH THE BOOK.  Then you can work on it.  Get your idea out, and the rest will follow.  Writing it is the first step, so for heaven sake, don’t stop for anything.  Just write it.  Even the greatest of authors struggle with their first draft.  The books on the shelves aren’t Great until they’ve passed through the hands of editors.

So get off of WordPress, and go finish that project you started.  The world needs your book, now write it.

The Image Of God

“How long, O you sons of men, will you turn my Glory to shame? How long will you love worthlessness and seek falsehood?” Psalms 4:2

After living and relishing the lies that I wasn’t good enough for so many years, and loving and embracing the feeling of worthlessness, God has begun to wake up my sleeping, broken heart to tell me who I am and what I am expected to become.

This verse was the first that God took me to when I pulled out the new NKJV bible my mom recently gave me.

Did you know that as a human being, you ARE the Glory of God?
And every time you treat yourself with contempt, you shame that Glory.
Every self-inflicted burden, every self-inflicted lie, every self-inflicted pain…. anything that makes you feel inferior is shaming the Glory of God.
YOU have been made in His image, and because of that, you HAVE worth, you HAVE a purpose, and you have a reason to live.
The Lord has set you apart for Himself, and He will hear when you call to Him, because you are important.

How do you love worthlessness?

I am a pain addict. I revel in worthlessness and feeling like I’m not good enough. I’m very prone to inflicting myself with emptiness and filling my emotions with depression and things that will make me feel less and less like a human being, and more like a vapor that will disappear and no one will notice.
Sometimes I seek the people or things that will feed me the lies to encourage my worthlessness.

But I am the image of the Glory of God!
“Male and Female, in His image, He created them.” Gen. 1:27
In Genesis 1:26-27 He said “in [my, our, His] Image” three times.
We radiate the Glory of God, and every time we degrade ourselves, we put the Glory of God to shame!

“Do not call unclean what the Lord has made clean.” Acts 10:15
Because of the bloodshed of Jesus Christ, the deity whose image WE bear, we have been made Holy. So why do we live in worthlessness?
Why do we crave the emptiness?
Why do we desire to be hopeless and broken?