The Universe Within Your Mind

Eloquently stated.

A Lightworker's Experience


Every time a television series comes to an end, my thoughts go wild. I start imagining what might happen next. What could happen next. The images in my head are so vivid and I realize that most of my life, I’ve been writing my own series. My own ideas have been put down on paper and an entire world with histories and people and hopes has been created within my mind. I can either feed off the images and ideas given to me from television or books and delve deeper that way, or I can create my own from scratch — from experience that I color and embellish into something fantastical.

Why don’t more people realize this?

Human beings have the capability to create and bring ideas to life! Each of us holds a piece of the universe in their mind. We can visualize, sense thoughts and emotions in those around us, make decisions…

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