A Writers Struggle

A blog I wrote for Lands of Volden.
Enjoy, and come check the Lands of Volden out!

The Lands of G'desh


When someone hears “I’m a Writer”, the image that comes to mind is someone sitting at a desk all day furiously typing away at a keyboard.  The next question usually is, “What do you write?”  Many a writer will respond with their genre or writing profession.

Perhaps you meet an author and have their book signed.  They will tell you they were glad you liked their work.  A Writer will always present themselves in a Friendly, greatful manner, hoping to earn your intrest in their work.

A work they spent ages working on.  Sleepless nights of writers block – waiting for an idea to finally hit so they can move on to the next chapter.  Endless hours staring at the computer screen making sure their final edits are correct, knowing they will likely have poor vision before they hit 50.  The hours they had to put their book on hold…

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