No Lives Matter

Excellently stated. Couldn’t agree more.

A Shadow's Embrace

Disclaimer: If anyone is offended by anything I say below… GOOD.

I’m sick of this.  There is no one life that matters more than another.  Period.  I have come to realize that we are all of one race.  The human race.  My father raised me under the idea that color doesn’t exist.

But do you know what I see as I look out across society?  Color exists.  Perhaps not to me, but certainly to nearly everyone else out there.  The worst part is that this is self-inflicted.  I’ve been speaking about it for years, the sort of reverse racism I’ve seen growing in the black and Hispanic communities.  Specifically, within black communities, I’ve seen them decry more and more the institutionalized racism being perpetrated against them.

It’s no more rampant now than it ever was in times past.  Do you want to know what the difference is?  It’s being raised…

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