Dreams Come True-Published

Extremely excited for Paul and his first book!

The Lands of G'desh

I was in second grade when I wrote my first fan fiction. It was based on the Big Friendly Giant. To be honest, I’m guessing. I know I wrote a fan fiction about it in second grade, and it had no grade on it, therefore I assume it was for fun. I found this three years ago when moving out of my parent’s house. I guess you would call it my beginning.

In fourth grade (maybe fifth) I wrote a Jurassic Park fan fiction. I filled a 70 page notebook. I was not a back and front guy at the time, but if you can cut me some slack, I was in fourth (or fifth) grade. I don’t often write fan fictions any more, and it baffles me to see how many older people do. Then I remember that’s how I started out as well.

I always wanted to…

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