On Writing – A Writer’s Perspective

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On Writing: by DanaVilla-Smith

Do you ever feel exceptionally overwhelmed with all of the opinions and “rules” set forth for by those who have gone before us?

Go back in time to a moment when these rules didn’t exist. There was no “I before E except after C”, there was Latin, andallofthewordsrantogetherwithnoinflectionorperiods

Or, pick up a copy of old Epics, like Beowulf
where the format of sentences
and lyrics don’t make any sense in
English, but each of them were sculpted
correctly for the language at the time.

Have you ever read the descriptions in old French novels? I spent three pages trying to figure out what I was supposed to be looking at in the beginning of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
The Phantom Of The Opera had a weird hallucinating room in his “torture chamber”. Raoul spent what he assumed were three days in it, going absolutely mad.

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