If You Had 3 Wishes

The Lands of G'desh

Paul asked me earlier this week what I’d wish for if I had a djinn.
I told I wish I could be a wise woman, and wish for no more wishes, but I’d wish for $20k ((probably more like $25k now that I think about it)) to put a down payment on a house, pay down our car to trade in value and buy a minivan.
He asked why not more, feeling slightly greedy for wanting a great deal more money than I did.
My answer was simple, there wouldn’t be the satisfaction of working to earn that kind of money.

Wishes are fun things to speculate over.  We spend hours conversing over what we’d wish for, or how we’d spend a million dollars.
But if you actually had the chance to wish for three things…. would you?
Honestly, deep down, when you know the fables, and the stories, and…

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