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I love words. There are so many great ones. We need more words.

The Lands of G'desh

Ah! Blessed with such a beautiful day in the High Plains of Texas, what on earth am I doing writing instead of enjoying the fresh, wonderful spring air?

I missed posting on Wednesday this past week, but I’m quite glad that, being 36 weeks pregnant, I learned my baby is breech, so that I still have time to try flip her around before she gets too big.  I think that’s a pretty good excuse.

Anyway, so today I’m sitting writing.  My followers will be happy to know that episode 8 of The Ranger of Severum is what I’m trying to work on.
I came across a situation where I need a word that expresses extreme curiosity, so I went on a hunt for the word I wanted.  I asked Paul first, and then posed the question to the rest of my writer friends.
Paul gave me several different words, before…

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