Take A Walk

The Lands of G'desh

This past week, I (Dana) spent several hours-in three different painstakingly long sessions-finishing up the final edits of a short story being submitted into an upcoming anthology.

Wednesday came and went, and being the first one on the new posting schedule, I completely forgot on Wednesday.  Though, that’s no so terrible, we had a huge winter storm waiting on the edge of the state.  Going out to buy a few things to tide over until the weekend was helpful.

Sitting at my laptop, on a sunny, frigid, Friday morning, I’ve decided to write about inspiration.

My greatest inspiration for writing is nature.
The simplest things one can reap from the world around them, has created Fantasy and Mythos since the dawn of man.

From dune-people who hide in the sand of the deserts, to sirens in the water who lure people to their death.
From enchanted pools of healing water…

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