Under Construction

While the page is still under construction and I’m figuring things out, I wanted to give you all an update in my writing career.

So far, I have been published in an Anthology project over Halloween.  It was my first time to write a Drabble, and turned out quite better than expected.  Exercising the ability to turn 100 words into a complete verse, story- what have you, was quite difficult.  I limited myself to ONLY using 100 words, instead of writing more and chopping out.  The final product was splendid!

Coming up here in January submissions will be closing for another Anthology project.  This one I am heading up for a group of writer friends, and each of us are eagerly awaiting to share these stories with you.

Also in the works: I have partnered with another writer friend in his Vision, and currently co-run a website titled LandsofVolden.com.  Our current endeavor is set in building a fan base, and spurring on writers everywhere to grow in their abilities.

My own books, which are ten years old, are currently under the scrutiny of editing – and if I can ever find time these days, will hopefully be finished before too much longer!  This is the difference between writing creatively for your own sanity, and pursuing to publish the ghastly drafts that comforted you for so many years.  While they are not all bad, I still cringe to read my own words- written during the grammatical naivety of teenhood.

Thank GOD I didn’t stop there.

At any rate, thank you for your interest in me and the scribblings that pour out of my imagination.


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