Changes to the site!

Dear readers and followers,

I have not been posting on this page in ages!
But, this is about to change as I include ALL of my writing endeavors to this WordPress account.

I’m going to create pages to include my creative writing, a series of episodes moving from my Facebook author account to here, and Writer updates.

While I have spent the last few years focused primarily on my Christian faith and writing devotionals, I want to use this platform to introduce the other areas of my writing skills, including fiction, fantasy, and little bits written for creative prompts.


A Fantasy series, near and dear to my heart, is currently on my editing board.
An anthology project I am writing for will be in the process of publication before too long.


It’s amazing what happens when one opens themselves up to the things they were created to do.  Over the past year I have been blessed with a community of friends and fellow writers, and a writing partner!

Please stay tuned as I learn how to figure out this site and broaden my writing platform.


Dana Villa-Smith

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