The Love Dare

In 2010, God taught me an amazing lesson about love.
At the TIME I didn’t know it was just a lesson and not preparation for something more — but now that I look back, I did an excellent job at passing that test with a 70… and get why I was one point from failing.

I was reading the Love Dare, and applying it to my actions. God would have me pick it up and read the daily devotional, as well as practice the daily-do’s.
Everytime the book was in my hands, I read exactly how to deal with what I was going through. God never once failed to get me through everday when I needed Him to be there.

Giving up was easy, and I admit I gave up a few days.
…..but the thought well thought, and the deed well done aren’t complete without mistakes.

This soldier I was supporting was a jerk. And God wanted me to love him. But not just /love/ him, be Christ to him.
Now I know The Love Dare is for married couples, but I encourage you-if you’re going to learn the lesson God wants you to, even if it’s alittle odd, DO WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO.
That book was not just for my benefit to learn how to love my future husband someday. The love practised between spouses is SO SIMILARE to God’s love for us.
Becoming a servant, and loving others as Christ loves the Church is soooo hard!
Especially when people are stupid…

Looking back now, I wish I could have loved better. I listened intently to God, and did everything I needed to, but I still feel like I could have loved better.

I look at the book on my bookcase now, the memories click into place with “oh!! I get it now….”
….and then I wonder what happened after those lessons were learned, and if I need to do it again.

“I dare YOU to love like Me.” I hear God say.
What would that look like in my life, and should I improve?
The love thing I’ve got…. the servant thing? Yeah, everyone knows, not so much.
My example is Christ, and God-you’ve got to help me live like Him.

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